LOL Season One Awards Show!

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We have had such fun making Season One of our Linking Our Libraries podcast! It has been great to read about so many neat libraries, so many great projects, and to get such good feedback from our listeners!

We started out to explore libraries, and to find information that would be useful to our members. As we get ready for Season Twp (the first episode drops Thursday August 10!), we are even MORE excited about libraries and all the great things happening here!

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Episode 15: Information Literacy

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This is our final regular show of Season One!! But stay tuned for info on our LOL (Linking Our Libraries) Podcast Awards Show coming up Thursday June 29!

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Topic of the Week: Information Literacy

This material applies to all our patrons: students of all ages, senior citizens, new immigrants, soccer moms – everyone!

(We will not mention any names; but it was a little discouraging to see some of the very poorly designed websites with material on this topic, or websites filled with broken links. This is an important part of info literacy!)

From ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries):

“Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to “recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.” 1

Episode 14: Special Libraries

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Guest Hosts: Jessie Storlien, Stearns History Center; and Susan Schlepers, St. Cloud Hospital Library

Topic of the Week: Special Libraries

“A special library is a library that provides specialized information resources on a particular subject, serves a specialized and limited clientele, and delivers specialized services to that clientele.[1] Special libraries include corporate libraries, government libraries, law libraries, medical libraries, museum libraries, news libraries, and nonprofit libraries. Special libraries also exist within academic institutions, including law school libraries and medical school libraries. These libraries are included as special libraries because they are often funded separately from the rest of the university and they serve a targeted group of users.[2]”

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Episode 13: Local History Resources

Local History room


Topic of the Week: Local History Collections

RUSA Guidelines for Establishing Local History Collections

Genealogy work is an important part of local history work, and very popular in public libraries. We have a few big libraries with a lot of resources; but most libraries will have some useful resources people can use as they do their own genealogy work, including access to

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Episode Twelve: Stress in Libraries


Topic of the Week: Stress in the Library Workplace

Libraries are generally wonderful places to work – we all like it here!

But you also know that some days are just hard. We are a customer service profession, and that means dealing with all kinds of people every day: patrons, supervisors, colleagues – and it can be stressful.

It is not a surprise to anyone in the library field that we are feeling stressed at work. Any discussions between librarians seem to turn to the issues they are facing and ways they are solving problems, or not solving them. There have been many articles published with vague suggestions for reducing stress, including “take deep breaths” or “smile more often” – not completely helpful advice for many library people attempting to deal with increasing patrons pressures and decreasing funding.

Today we are going to talk about the some of my research work, which identified some of the most common sources of stress. Then we will talk about taking some organized steps to help alleviate or eliminate these stressors.

It is time to get past the idea that workplace stress is an issue affecting library people on just an individual level, and to begin to look at stress as a widespread issue we can address across the profession. Then we can help everyone to be more satisfied at work, and more productive!

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Episode Eleven: Copyright

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Topic of the Week: Copyright

  • We will start off by looking at the history of copyright, and getting some ideas about how it has developed over time. Ownership is a big deal, and the rights of a creator to the products s/he has developed are important. Copyright helps to protect that absolute right to complete ownership, and also gives the rest of us some opportunities to use the material created.
  • Copyright is federal law; so unlike most of what we discuss – it has specific meanings, and specific penalties for breaking these laws! (and they can be pretty steep – not jail but a lot of money)
  • Federal law means it only applies to the US: every country has its own copyright laws and protections for intellectual property
  • The specifics can be very tricky to master; but the basics are often the responsibility of a library to know and enforce (such as: as copyright applies to ILL of copies of articles in journals, or how photocopy machines can violate )
  • As technology changes, and formats change, violations of copyright and intellectual property become both more difficult to enforce and difficult to regulate

Check out our website for a LOT of information! We have dozens of links to materials we discussed here, information on copyright in libraries, copyright with new technology, and training your patrons in copyright rules.

Episode Ten: International Libraries

World map blank without borders

Topic of the Week:
International Libraries

  • There are so many libraries all over the place, we want to bring you a few you might not know about yet
  • We will gush over a couple we have visited; then look at some other interesting libraries. There are thousands of libraries we could be looking at, so we picked some that are interesting right now, though not selected as representatives of their region.
  • We will revisit this topic again (probably multiple times!); so send us some of your favorites, or you are interested in hearing about in a future episode

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Episode Nine: Reader’s Advisory


Reader’s Advisory: A service which involves suggesting fiction and nonfiction titles to a reader through direct or indirect means

We are library people, and of course there are many other things we do in addition to reading books – but we do love to read books too!

There are so many genres out there – you can not know them all, but you need to be ready to help patrons find books across all of them. Check out this enormous list, and start thinking about books! No one person can know it all, so we need to work on strategies for learning enough to help our patrons!

Instead of our regular feature of a Spotlight Library, this week we are featuring a Spotlight Librarian: the incomparable Nancy Pearl

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Episode Eight: Library Gardens

Image result for salt lake city public library garden
Salt Lake City Public Library garden

Libraries and gardens. At first, they may not seem to have much in common; but we grow ideas and knowledge already – and many of us also grow plants, flowers, trees and vegetables!

Thank you to all the libraries who responded to our call for information and photos – everything we discuss today came from these libraries, eager to share their information!

Our Spotlight Library this week has one of the most famous library gardens: the Salt Lake City Public Library. Check out the links we provide, and look around at all the great photos of this beautiful building, with their rooftop garden and their community garden!

For all our links, photos of the gardens we discuss, and any other information we have to share about library gardens, check out our website!

Episode Seven: Art in the Library

Boston Public Library 7
Courtyard at the Boston Public Library in Boston, MA
So many libraries have art, either as displays or as circulating items, we really have a lot to enjoy! Thank you this week to our Guest Hosts: Becky Pflueger from St. Cloud Public Library and Jennifer Penzkover, St. Cloud Arts Commission Coordinator. And a big thank you to library people across assorted listserves and across the country, who responded to our call for information about art in their libraries! (All photos belong to the library (or person) submitting them to us. )

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