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Episode Five Materials: Digitization Projects

Internet Archive book scanner 1

This week we looked an at an array of library digitization projects, and it was amazing to see all the materials that have been preserved by all kinds of libraries! We looked at three different projects, talked about books we read, and admired our Spotlight Library: St. John’s University’s Hill Museum and Manuscript Library. And, we had our first guest: Maria Burnham from Sauk Rapids-Rice High School!

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Episode Four: Library Programming

Yongsan Army LibraryThis week we are looking at all sorts of library programs. Libraries are all about connecting with our communities; and programs aimed at different community members can be some of the most valuable work we do!

This week we talk about a variety of programs in all sorts of libraries, and look at our Spotlight Library: The Evanston Public Library in Illinois.

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Episode Three: Library Makerspaces

Maker space layout

This week we are looking at library makerspaces!

Makerspaces are an exciting trend in libraries of all types and sizes. Although their traditional programs are STEM/STEAM based technology learning, they can involve all sorts of programs that inspire patrons to try new skills and to create new things.

Our spotlight library this week is the Lewis and Clark Elementary Media Center in Liberty, MO. They are not only doing some very interesting work with their makerspace, in addition to sharing ideas for starting your own makerspace!; they also have some great resource for their community.

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Episode Two: Library Materials

Seed library at the Dunedin Public Library

This week we talk about the fun and interesting materials you might find in a library!

People’s vision of a library tends to revolve around books and computers, and of course we have those things. But there is so much more available!

This week our Spotlight Library is the Chelmsford Public Library. This is a library that has a lot of great innovation in their programming and services, as well as materials!

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Episode One: Library Outreach!


This week we look at library outreach!

In this episode, we look at library outreach programs. Tune in here to learn about ALA resources, and libraries that are doing some interesting outreach programs that you can try. We share some books we are reading. And our Spotlight Library of the week is the Hennepin County Library; listen to find out all the great things they are doing!

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