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Episode Nine: Reader’s Advisory


Reader’s Advisory: A service which involves suggesting fiction and nonfiction titles to a reader through direct or indirect means

We are library people, and of course there are many other things we do in addition to reading books – but we do love to read books too!

There are so many genres out there – you can not know them all, but you need to be ready to help patrons find books across all of them. Check out this enormous list, and start thinking about books! No one person can know it all, so we need to work on strategies for learning enough to help our patrons!

Instead of our regular feature of a Spotlight Library, this week we are featuring a Spotlight Librarian: the incomparable Nancy Pearl

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Episode Eight: Library Gardens

Image result for salt lake city public library garden
Salt Lake City Public Library garden

Libraries and gardens. At first, they may not seem to have much in common; but we grow ideas and knowledge already – and many of us also grow plants, flowers, trees and vegetables!

Thank you to all the libraries who responded to our call for information and photos – everything we discuss today came from these libraries, eager to share their information!

Our Spotlight Library this week has one of the most famous library gardens: the Salt Lake City Public Library. Check out the links we provide, and look around at all the great photos of this beautiful building, with their rooftop garden and their community garden!

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Episode Seven: Art in the Library

Boston Public Library 7
Courtyard at the Boston Public Library in Boston, MA
So many libraries have art, either as displays or as circulating items, we really have a lot to enjoy! Thank you this week to our Guest Hosts: Becky Pflueger from St. Cloud Public Library and Jennifer Penzkover, St. Cloud Arts Commission Coordinator. And a big thank you to library people across assorted listserves and across the country, who responded to our call for information about art in their libraries! (All photos belong to the library (or person) submitting them to us. )

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Episode Six: Emerging Bilingual Library Services

Welcome multilingual Guernsey tourismThis week we look at the topic of service to our emerging bilingual community members! There is so much to cover here, we just looked at a few library programs and resources. Send us your programs, materials, ideas; and we will post all of them to our website!

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