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Episode 312: Networking

Ghozt Tramp - Business Communication Duplicat modelIntroduction

Welcome back to Season Three of Linking Our Libraries! We are Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange, and we are here to share information with all types of libraries, archives, and other nonprofits working to build their skills. This season, we are working on building a toolbox of leadership skills and ideas. By the end of this season, you will have fifteen specific skills that will make you a stronger leader and manager in your organization.

This week we are looking at strategies for networking. Joining us is Guest Host Maria Burnham, from Sauk Rapids- Rice High School.

Building your professional network is always going to be helpful to you – and to them. Networking does not mean going to high-energy parties and shaking lots of hands. Okay, it CAN mean that; but it usually involves just making connections with people. Remember when we talked about advocacy last week? It was all about making connections. Networking is that same thing – but you think about connecting with people across your profession, instead of stakeholders. They are the ones who can help you with questions about your daily work, can point you toward solutions to problems, and who will celebrate with you when things are great. You will do the same for them.

As library people, we truly are stronger and better when we work together. Whether you are at a conference, new in a school, alone in your library, or just looking to build up a network of people who do what you do at work – networking can make you stronger. Your contributions back to the network will make them stronger too.


Episode 311: Advocacy

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Happy National Library Week!!! This is our chance to celebrate libraries, and all the wonderful things we do for our communities. In honor of this week, we discuss a topic both scary and exciting: Advocacy.

Joining us is returning Guest Host Jami Trenam, from Great River Library System and is the outgoing Chair of the Minnesota Library Association Legislative Committee.

If you are like many library professionals, you probably lean toward introversion rather than being an extroverted party animal; and the idea of needing to be an advocate sounds kind of scary. But advocacy is not just standing on a soapbox, screaming out your ideas. It means making connections with individuals and groups, and sharing ideas with people. It means knowing who is in your community, and reaching out to them to talk about the things you are doing: materials, services, and programs.

Not surprisingly, we are generally a pretty easy sell! People who do not use the library regularly, and even those who do, are often stunned by the range of things we have to offer. You may have seen some of those neat materials and services on our website and social media this week, and hopefully you saw some great ideas on library websites all over the place.

It will be so important for both you and your library to advocate for existence, for success; learning a few basic procedures for advocating will help you to keep things going.

Episode 201: Community Engagement

Community Engagement - Maps of teams and workflows

Season Two Episode 201

Welcome back to Season Two of Linking Our Libraries podcast!! We are excited to be back, sharing information and ideas for all types of libraries.

We are from Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange, and our mission is to support libraries. That means we are here to help libraries and library people to find information they need, to build skills, and to share ideas about all the things that make our profession great!

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This week we are talking about Community Engagement. This is an extremely important area for libraries, as making connections with your community is at the heat of all your service.

You need to define your community, and to really know who is there. It’s not enough to just have some ideas – do some research.

  • In a public library, your community is everyone in your district or taxing area; and that is a community that changes more frequently than you might guess, so you need to keep checking on that.
  • In a school library, your community is of course the students, but it also includes administrators and staff in the school, parents, and even members of your town or county who have a stake in good libraries and good schools.
  • An academic library has a community of students, and again the wider community of profs, staff, alums, and maybe members of your town if they also have access to your material.
  • Hospitals serve doctors and nurses, but also patients, researchers, and other people who may need to use your specialized collections.
  • Law libraries serve lawyers, court staff, people who are representing themselves, students, and more.

“Community” really varies depending on your individual library’s mission; so be sure you know who they are!

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Episode Eight: Library Gardens

Image result for salt lake city public library garden
Salt Lake City Public Library garden

Libraries and gardens. At first, they may not seem to have much in common; but we grow ideas and knowledge already – and many of us also grow plants, flowers, trees and vegetables!

Thank you to all the libraries who responded to our call for information and photos – everything we discuss today came from these libraries, eager to share their information!

Our Spotlight Library this week has one of the most famous library gardens: the Salt Lake City Public Library. Check out the links we provide, and look around at all the great photos of this beautiful building, with their rooftop garden and their community garden!

For all our links, photos of the gardens we discuss, and any other information we have to share about library gardens, check out our website!

Episode One: Library Outreach!


This week we look at library outreach!

In this episode, we look at library outreach programs. Tune in here to learn about ALA resources, and libraries that are doing some interesting outreach programs that you can try. We share some books we are reading. And our Spotlight Library of the week is the Hennepin County Library; listen to find out all the great things they are doing!

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