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Episode 308: Budgeting

Welcome back to Season Three of Linking Our Libraries! We are Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange, and we are here to share information with all types of libraries, archives, and other nonprofits working to build their skills. This season we are working through the tools you can use to be a better manager and leader.

This week we discuss Budgeting.

Joining us are our Guest Hosts Karen Pundsack and Aron Murphy from Great River Regional Library System here in Minnesota.

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It is a scary word, and a scary concept, for some. To make it worse, too many people come in with the idea that it’s not polite to talk about money or to ask about it; so they do not even want to get started. We never have enough of it, it’s tough to figure out where it comes from, and it flows right out the door really quickly. But we know we need to understand it and to handle it – and the pressure can be immense.

For many libraries, our traditional sources of money – tuition, property taxes, grants etc. – may be less certain or actually drying up. Working out some strategies for bringing in other money may be a nice thing; or it may be vital for your continued existence. Listen to our episode from last season on Grant Writing for more ideas there. Just remember that money can come from all kinds of sources; if you do not have enough – it’s time to go hunting for more.

This was a very fast overview of a complicated subject. Money is important, but budgeting is planning and making those plans reality. So as you prepare your budget, look back at our episode from last week talking about planning, and think about the plans you want for your library, and put some numbers to those ideas. Just follow it along, make changes as needed, and bask in your success.

It does not matter how big or small your budget is; working with it to make your library a success is important to help you build your skills as a leader.